Will B. RollingThe Great River Trail (GRT) is the premiere trail on the Mississippi River, covering over 60 miles of the in Central and Northern Illinois. The trail is mostly a paved separated trail but also has segments of bike lanes on the street and a short stretch of road shoulder along Interstate 84. The Great River Trail stretches from Rock Island to Savanna and travels through many trail towns, inviting users to stop, see the attractions, eat, drink and stay along the way.

Greatrivertrail.org is designed for the trail user and includes maps, highlights of the eleven trail towns, and places to eat, stay and see. Enjoy your adventure!

GreatRiverTrail.org was founded in May of 2016 and operated by 5mile.digital. This site is underwritten by generous donations from these partners. To become a partner, or to add your business to the listing, fill out the Contact form below. Thank you.

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