East Moline is home to John Deere Harvester Works and trail users will pass by the plant up along an elevated dike on the trail. The community also has trail links to its downtown from The Quarter, a development along the riverfront. East Moline is also the only community with a bike shop right on the trail. Cycle Therapy is located at Beacon Harbor and a perfect place to stop if you need to tune up or purchase anything for your ride.


Shorty’s Pizza

Shorty`s Specialty pizzas: Taco Supreme; Meat Supreme; Veggie; B.L.T; Shorty`s supreme; B.B.Q Chicken; B.B.Q PORK ; Chicken Taco



Elton E. Fawks Bald Eagle Refuge Natural Preserve

This site has been recognized for many years as an important winter roosting site for bald eagles. The bluffs along this portion of the Mississippi River overlook Lock and Dam 14, an important winter feeding area for bald eagles.